Gynaecology Services

"Women’s Health may be complex; Women’s Care should be seamless."

Full Circle provides an accurate diagnosis, skilled treatment, and sensitive, holistic care for women with gynaecological conditions, performing many procedures right here in our rooms for your comfort and convenience.

Our Full Circle Team understands that Women’s Health issues can sometimes affect your day-to-day life, reduce your confidence and sometimes are very delicate. Our patient-centred approach prioritises your health and comfort. We want you to feel reassured that we are here to listen, and we are here to help and support you.

We provide comprehensive care with surgical expertise, with treatment tailored to your specific needs. If you need any gynaecological surgery, we have surgical lists at both Flinders Private Hospital and Ashford Hospital for your convenience. We can typically organise your surgery without any delay.

Dr Preetam Ganu has special interests in Pelvic Pain and Fertility treatments and is a member of the Pelvic Pain Network here in South Australia. She is often asked to deliver talks to other Health Professionals on Menopause, Endometriosis and Reproductive Health.

Gynaecology Services

We welcome patients from young adulthood right through to later stages of life. Our Full Circle suite of Gynaecology care for our patients includes but is not limited to:

Pelvic Pain and Endometriosis

Chronic pelvic pain is an umbrella term for a number of conditions including period pain (dysmenorrhoea), abdominal cramping, diarrhoea / constipation, bladder pain, leg pain, buttock pain and lower back pain. If you’re living with pelvic pain you may also experience headaches or migraines.

Full Circle believes in seamless care for women with complex conditions. We collaborate with a team of physiotherapists, dietitians and psychologists with a special interest in pelvic pain to ensure you have access to a wide range of support and treatment. Should surgery be required, Dr Ganu is a highly experienced laparoscopic surgeon.

Endometriosis is a painful disorder where tissue similar to the type that lines your uterus instead grows outside it, around your ovaries, fallopian tubes and inside your pelvis. It can affect your sex life and fertility as well as causing painful periods.
Living with endometriosis can be very frustrating. Our healthcare system often lets women down, meaning it can take 7-10 years to finally reach a diagnosis.

Dr Ganu has a strong interest in helping women with endometriosis to get the right diagnosis and treatment to improve symptoms and prevent complications.

Heavy Bleeding, Fibroids & Postmenopausal Bleeding

Ongoing heavy bleeding can disrupt your life. Possible causes include fibroids, polyps or an unusually thick uterine lining.

We begin by identifying the cause. That may involve blood tests, X-rays, ultrasounds or a hysteroscopy (examining your uterus through your vagina while you’re sedated). We may take a biopsy of your uterine lining which can be sent away for analysis.

Then we move to treatment, discussing the different management options with you. Common surgical treatments include:


Endometrial ablation

Where we clean the lining of your uterus to relieve heavy bleeding.



(Keyhole) surgery to remove fibroids or polyps.


(Removal of your womb) to remove very large fibroids. If this is the recommended treatment, Dr Ganu will discuss its implications with you in detail.


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

(PCOS) There is no known cause for PCOS but its symptoms include period pain, irregular periods, weight gain, acne and excessive body hair. PCOS can be diagnosed by blood tests to measure hormone levels. Early detection helps manage symptoms and prevent long-term health problems.

Ovarian cysts are fluid-filled sacs that form on or in your ovaries. If you feel pressure, swelling or pain in your abdomen, see your GP for a referral to Full Circle. Dr Ganu will do a blood test to rule out pregnancy, assess whether the cyst is likely to subside on its own and recommend surgery if necessary, discussing all the options with you at each stage.


Fertility & Pregnancy Planning

If you’re having trouble getting pregnant, then turn to Full Circle. Dr Ganu will do an extensive range of tests (including ultrasound scans) to identify the probable cause and how best to overcome it. Dr Ganu works in partnership with Fertility SA meaning that, if you do need IVF or other assisted reproductive treatment, you can enjoy seamless care from the same doctor.

Abnormal Cervical Screening & Colposcopy Procedures

Women aged 25-74 who have ever been sexually active should have a cervical screening test every 5 years to detect changes that could lead to cervical cancer. If you’ve had an abnormal screening test result, your GP may refer you to Dr Ganu for a colposcopy.

In a colposcopy, Dr Ganu uses a special microscope to look into your vagina and take a close look at your cervix, possibly also sending some cells away for analysis.



Menopause throws up many physical symptoms and emotional fluctuations. It can be a difficult time for many women.

Dr Ganu will listen to your experience, perform a thorough examination, answer your questions and talk with you about the best options for managing post-menopausal symptoms, including the pros and cons of hormone replacement treatment.

Contraception Options including Mirena

Women now have many different contraceptive options including condoms, diaphragms, medications, injections and implants. Each has its pros and cons. Dr Ganu will discuss the options available and help you find the contraception that best suits your stage of life.

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