Advanced Laparoscopy

"If you’re experiencing pelvic pain, Dr Ganu may recommend a laparoscopy to diagnose and treat your condition."

Advanced laparoscopic surgery is a type of minimally invasive surgery that can be used to investigate or treat the causes of pelvic pain.

When is Advanced Laparoscopy used?

Laparoscopic gynaecological surgery is used to diagnose conditions or perform surgery in the pelvic area.

Laparoscopic surgery can be used to:

How is laparoscopic gynaecological surgery performed?

You’ll be given a general anaesthetic so you’ll be in a pain-free, sleep-like state throughout the procedure.

Laparoscopic gynaecological surgery

While you’re unconscious, we make some small incisions in your abdomen then insert a long, slim instrument known as a laparoscope. Now, we inflate your abdomen with carbon dioxide gas to allow us to see your pelvic organs more clearly.

Laparoscopic gynaecological surgery

Attached to this is a tiny camera that shows us your pelvic organs on a TV screen in the operating room. That enables us to diagnose common pelvic conditions. If we need to perform gynaecological treatments using advanced laparoscopy, then we attach surgical instruments to the laparoscope.

Laparoscopic gynaecological surgery

Once the procedure is finished, we remove the laparoscope and any other instruments, let the gas out and close the incisions.

Laparoscopic gynaecological surgery

The length of surgery and the number of incisions depends on the reason for the procedure. Usually, a laparoscopy is a day procedure meaning you sleep at home in your own bed that same night.

Laparoscopic surgery for endometriosis

Diagnosing and treating endometriosis is a common reason for a laparoscopy.

During the procedure, we’ll check your pelvic organs for endometrial tissue and remove any abnormal deposits or cysts.

Laparoscopic surgery for endometriosis

Laparoscopic surgery recovery time

Because it’s a keyhole surgery, laparoscopic surgery offers a quicker recovery with minimal scarring. You benefit from:

That’s why we always explore this option first before considering open abdominal or transvaginal surgery.

Advanced laparoscopic surgery at Full Circle

Full Circle’s Dr Ganu is a skilled laparoscopic surgeon. She is a member of the Australasian Gynaecological Endoscopy & Surgery Society and a member of the AAGL which promotes minimally invasive gynecological surgery.

Dr Ganu operates regularly at both Flinders Private Hospital and Ashford Hospital.

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