Antenatal Care Services

“We encircle you throughout your pregnancy and are right there with you in the delivery suite, encouraging and supporting you in that amazing moment when your baby arrives earthside”

Pregnancy is a time of both physical changes and heightened emotions as you prepare to welcome your precious baby. That is why you need consistent care from people you trust.

It can be overwhelming, especially the first time. That is why our Full Circle Team works so hard to make your pregnancy and birth a positive experience. Our team provide evidence-based, patient-centred Antenatal Care that supports you and your family throughout your pregnancy and beyond. We are with you Full circle.

Dr Preetam Ganu was awed by the very first birth she witnessed as a Medical Student, and after over 25 years of delivering babies across two countries, she still feels that a baby’s birth is the most magical moment in life. Dr Preetam Ganu strives for excellence and provides you with the highest possible care.

Once you have booked your first appointment with us, we will provide you with professional and nurturing obstetric care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Antenatal Care Services

Professional Antenatal Care supports mothers and fathers, identifies, and treats pregnancy complications, prepares you for the intense experience of birthing and gets your family off to a good start together.

Your Full Circle Antenatal Team is a source of trusted expertise, people you can turn to with questions or concerns and who will support you and your family along the journey to parenthood.

There are many benefits for private obstetric care, including guaranteed access to specialist’s advice throughout your pregnancy and delivery, continuity of care which assists to reduces stress and worry. A private hospital delivery suite provides a relaxed experience for you and your family, and with an extra length of stay post-delivery with professional and nurturing support in the early postnatal period.

Our Full Circle Team believes in a collaborative, supportive and nurturing approach is required during your pregnancy; as they say, it takes a village. This will usually involve your GP, Obstetrician, Midwife, and other allied health professionals who will all work together to ensure you and your growing baby are in the best possible health throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

This can include:

Your first Antenatal appointment

Your first Antenatal Appointment - What will happen?

The Full Circle Team will welcome you to our Practice, your first appointment will be made early in your pregnancy at around 8-10 weeks or earlier if needed, and you can expect to be with us for 45 – 60 minutes. Each appointment is comprehensive with the opportunity to see our Private Midwife and Obstetrician, Dr Preetam Ganu.

We welcome partners and/or support person/s, grandparents, siblings, best friends to any of your appointments.

At each appointment, you will sit down with our Practice Midwife first. At your first visit, they will:

Check your psychological wellbeing using the Edinburgh Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Score Checklist**

**Postnatal depression and anxiety are more easily treated when detected early. We want you to have a positive experience with your pregnancy and motherhood, so we check your Edinburgh score twice during your pregnancy and once post-delivery.

You will be provided with a Pregnancy Record Book (fondly known as your Orange Book), which you will need to bring with you to each appointment to be updated. We will also keep a copy on our system too.

Once you have completed your time with our Practice Midwife, you will be ready to see Dr Preetam Ganu, who will take time getting to know you and discussing your pregnancy in more depth.

Dr Ganu will also:

Over the journey of your pregnancy, we will see you regularly; we will commiserate together over morning sickness and share together the wonder of your baby’s kicks and movements. At each appointment, we will discuss different topics like pregnancy-related changes, exercise, birth plans as well as work-life balance!

We will answer your questions big and small and share the special moments where you get to peek at your growing baby with our bedside ultrasound at each visit.

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